BRAZIL: Paradise on Earth

October 28, 2006 12:32am CST
Several of the articles I published in orkut's media section (a full listing is available in my profile) seem to have given some people the impression that I wouldn't be a true Brazilian, that I'm not a patriot, that I only write bad things about my country and its people, and so on. So, this time I decided to write only good things about Brazil. Let's start with something recently published by Brazilian media: that a recent survey found out that 7 out of every 10 Brazilians supposedly desire to leave Brazil and live in another country. I can't believe it could be even remotely true because, even due to many of the comments people posted in my scrapbook and elsewhere in orkut's media section, it's clear that Brazil would be the best place in the world to live, as every Brazilian is warm and friendly, all the cities are clean and safe, there are plenty of good job opportunities for everyone who wants to work, and possibly Brazilians living abroad (including, perhaps, those that scribbled in my scrapbook) are there only to be exposed to foreign cultures and come back to their homeland bringing economic and cultural wealth to be shared. Also, all people here are very hard working and would never even consider of taking advantage of others. Because of this, I strongly believe that the characters and situations depicted in a recent orkut article are completely fictional and, thus, I couldn't possibly know that guy and his mother or people like those. It's also only fair to think that those Brazilians who are not so wealthy chose to live this way in pursuit of a simpler life, but would never accept to be supported by other people, because this would be morally unacceptable. Moreover, I believe that almost all of the Brazilian politicians are deeply honest. That most of the corruption accusations and allegations recently published in Brazilian (and international) media are not sound and, if some are, they will be dealt with exemplary by the competent authorities, making the current President, his administration and his political party even more trustworthy and ethically irreprehensible. I think they all act in the best interests of the nation, and seldom (if ever) in their own benefit. I think I should also apologize if a recent article I wrote gave some people the impression I was defending that Brazilians should learn more English and that it's the speaker's burden of making him/herself understood. After all, if our President doesn't know English and got to where he is, perhaps being understood correctly in another language is not that important. Because the business is the next: if we feel that the cow is going to the swamp during a conversation or any other situation, all we have to do is give a little way, try to turn ourselves and break a branch with the English we know, even if we use some words at the foot of letter, say others in Portuguese and/or try to create English counterparts to Brazilian Portuguese words and phrases, using 'ation' in place of 'a??o' and other such rules. And if someone says that you can go taking your little horse of the rain, because it won't glue, don't heat, as the person you are talking to will probably, at least, have an idea of what you said, are you turned on? In the end of the bills, it's papaya with sugar. And it will not catch bad, either: saying that is intrigue of the opposition. Please leave your thoughts in my scrapbook. My articles are written in English because currently this is the only language in which articles are accepted for orkut Media section, but you can comment on them in Portuguese too.. Post ur COMMENTS
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@dattatray (894)
• India
28 Oct 06
yes my frnd its the best place on earth after india
@acdc0805 (981)
• United States
28 Oct 06
I was just telling my husband tonight, that I want to go to brazil. I think its fairly pretty. His brother is living there right now. so I'm waiting til he gets back to see how he liked it. But i'd really love to go there!