I haven't been on Mylot for about 10 months..

@Baldev00 (115)
October 16, 2007 6:34am CST
What has changed in the past year? I'm considering having another go at it, but I have heard they are paying even less now. Is this true?
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@AKRao24 (21433)
• India
8 Nov 07
Oh same with me too ! I am posting my second response after a long gap. This is because last year I lost my beloved father and because of that I was too disheartened and was unable to participate in any social activities including this forum of ours very frequently. This year again unfortunately I lost my brother in law who was suffering from Renal failure. Nopw some how having faced all the harships I have decided to participate into this forum again to make my mind bit relaxed! Well regarding the payment part is concerned I really don't have any idea about that. Any way do you think the payment what we are getting here is a quite a big one, which makes any differences in our lives? For me I basically participate to enjoy the thrill of participation as I feel that the payment what theuy are paying is nothing when compared to the time which I am putting in otherwise! Well friend I think you should think about active and helthy participation into the forum instaed of looking for the payment part of it! Well this is my personal opinion and may not suit every one in general ! What do you say? All the best dear friend!
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
16 Oct 07
well i dnt think so i think the equations are the same. i have received payments from them and i never got the feeling that i am paid less and after all there are lot of thing which need to be considered. so if you are doing acc. to the rules i dnt think u will get less. i have seen that i get almost a dollar for 50 good quality response althoug i dnt get that much time every day but when i do that sometimes on the sunday so do get that and so i think you are wrong abt the new thought
16 Oct 07
Earnings don't seem to be any higher than when I started here, and it seems you have to spend a lot of hours to earn a few pennies.
• Malaysia
16 Oct 07
Hi, I just started in myLot last two weeks ago and I guess, There is no big changes at all. I am not sure about the payment because I have not paid yet. But as long as I am concern, there is no one talking about it.