When Life Deals You A Blow!

@tombiz (2039)
October 16, 2007 12:18pm CST
Life has never been so easy. Life is indeed never a bed of roses. Certainly it also contains a lot of nails ready to give us pains and sufferings. Dealing with life is certainly a mission for all of us for the time that we are living in this not-so-perfect world. Everyday we are bombarded with stresses both from around us and of our own making. How we deal with all of these things could certainly define our own future and that of the people around us. There are times when life deal us with heavy blows. But the spirit of overcoming things still lives on deep within us. Dealing with all of these things is a must! But despite of these things, life is still beautiful, in fact, very beautiful. For it is against the currents of the wind that kites do fly and soar into the sky!
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