Halo 3 vs Gears of War

October 16, 2007 1:37pm CST
Which is better, I'm more of a Gears Of War Fan but what do you think.
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• United States
29 Mar 08
Gears of war because they have the best headshot system out there I think. and the gears of war story line was hooking and no matter how many times you play through it it never gets boring. but the halo 3 story it was super boring only thing I noticed was that cortanas boobs got bigger rofl. but yeah gears all day
@kionic (10)
• United States
2 Jan 08
no other answer then geqars of war game of the year 2006
@DocterDew (902)
• United States
29 Dec 07
I'd go with Gears of War just because it's a different style than all the other shoot-em-up games that focus on the shooting. This one is about tactics.
• United States
21 Oct 07
Gears of war wins over Halo 3 but if it was halo 2 and gears then halo 2 wins. i prefer halo 2 over 3 personally.
@limalimon (638)
• Mexico
19 Oct 07
I played both, but i think that Gears of war is better. H3 has a better graphics but the GEOW history is better but it´s to short. H3 has more weapons than GEOW. GEOW has more elements to improve in the future, H3 has a history that is ended so i choice Gears of wars