October 16, 2007 3:29pm CST
Has anyone got any good advice about how to get young children to stick up for themselves from the start and avoid the bullies?
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17 Oct 07
great discussion i will keep checking back every so often because i have a 6 year old daughter who has a simlar probnlem and there isnt a whole lot that i can tell her that wont get her worried that she isnt being nice...
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@sizzle3000 (3040)
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2 Nov 07
Bullies do not always back down if their victume stand up for his or herself. Bullies are not going to stop till they are taught what they are doing is wrong. Most of the time you can find that there is a parent of this bullie who was also a bullie. These are learned behaviors. Maybe this bullie is abused at home. I was a child that was picked on in her high school years. I took the abuse because people said egnor them they will go away. Well they did not. I finally got so made one day that I pushed a girl down a fleight of stairs. I could have killed her luck for me she was just bruised up. I did end up in a lot of trouble for this and to me now it was not worth it. I still had the picking as well as kids calling me crazy after that so it did not really accomplish any thing. I think that there are times when if you stand up to a bully you will gain respect but a lot of times it just makes the bully worse and the problem will increase. You can try talking to the parents of the bully. If the bully becomes violent then you need to fight back. Make the second punch yours and don't give the bully a chance to get the upper hand. Talk to your child explain that the bully is just a scared little boy or girl. You can teach your child to fight back with words. I learned fast to out wit the kids that teased me. Find their weekness and exploit it. Maybe they are over weight, use that against them. Tell your child that fighting back with words is just as good as being physical with the bully. However, again if the Bully gets physical you much not run or things will get worse. I wish you luck in this situation. I was lucky my daughter did not have this problem. Once school is over you can look back and say I have gotten a good education and I have a good job and you are still a bully with nothing. this is usually what happens. I have seen a few of the bullies from my school and they are very different.
@OUT2WIN (669)
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16 Oct 07
First of all be a good example, second of all, the main problem kids have with fighting if you ask them, is they don't want to get hit. There's only one way to do that...experience. Martial arts is a excellent outlet for kids and teaches them respect, strengths and weaknesses, and classes now adays are very social. He/she will probally find a new crowd to hang with but, it will be a good crowd. I hope that helps, honestly its the only way to prepair them for what life has in store for them. Meaning: You never know who or when someone bigger then you is going to want to throw down and you have a choice to run or fight. Runners are good for track, but will be bullied for many years to come and be labled as a coward. Those who stand their ground, show courage, self respect, and are less likely to have issues within them selfs.