No matter where you turn, It's dangerous to be alive!

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October 16, 2007 6:26pm CST
Medical technology comes up with new procedures and medications almost daily. Meanwhile, legislature has come up with requirements that drug and medical merchants be totally transparent with their products. On every commercial, whether it's for prescription or OTC drugs, you hear a list of side effects and dangers. While these new products are supposed to help us, doesn't it make you a bit wary when you hear the dangers associated with them? Perhaps the dangers have always been there and we just didn't know it. Why do we feel more cautious now? Is any of this law or consumer caution justified or is it just a way to promote the pharmaceutical industry, knowing that people want to be the best they can be, regardless of the dangers?
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29 Oct 07
Ask Doctor If This Rx Is Right For You - Don't you really think the doctor should already know?
kbkbooks, I am in total agreement with you! My favorite commercials are the ones that tell you to tell your doctor if you have a heart condition/are pregnant/have high blood pressure/and a myriad of other medical problems before "asking her/him if this medication is right for you". Silly me, I think that if your doctor isn't already aware of these things, you probably need another doctor.~D
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29 Oct 07
You two are sooo funny... True, but funny!!!