INterested in PHP

October 17, 2007 1:35am CST
As we all know PHP is making a huge mark in IT and more n more programmers are attracted towards this language because of its featurs..What do u think it will take over ASP ?
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• Pakistan
18 Oct 07
Already, there are so many sites made on PHP and only the older continued sites are on ASP. Apache, PHP and MySQL make a very good combination to make any web application.
20 Oct 07
Thanx for your response..
• Pakistan
20 Oct 07
Any time
• India
17 Oct 07
If it is just ASP then sure PHP is a clear winner. It is a known fact that PHP runs much faster than ASP. PHP is also economical that ASP. If a company wants to start a new project and if they are provided with PHP and ASP as the option then sure after an evaluation of both languages PHP would be selected. These days PHP is considered in the enterprise market and is used to develop enterprise level products.
20 Oct 07
hey thanx for your response but if we conside security what do u think which one is better??