silence means...YES?

October 17, 2007 2:48am CST
"everybody i unique", i believe in that. i am a type of person who always say what i want to say (in a nice way of course; but not all the time). if i'm asked as always got an answer. I know a lot of people that if you ask them, they don't give any answer. Can i consider that their silence means yes? beacsue if it's a no for sure they will react right? what's your opinion on this?
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@milkfish (375)
• Philippines
20 Oct 07
I don't think that silence menas yes all the time. I guess it depends on the topic or the subject matter being discussed and the willingness of the person being asked to answer it. Sometimes, there are sensitive topics or too personal matters that are being asked. In my case I will refuse to answer these things. It doesn't mean yes in my end, its just that I just to keep matters private. Not all questions are supposed to be asked. In the same manner, not all questions deserve and answer.
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• Philippines
17 Oct 07
I think it will depends on how you know this person. Me,i can say some of my friends if they became silent after a question i find them guilty beyond resonable doubt. but you can't tell if you don't know a person. Silence mean everything, it may be No, or I don't know, or I don't know and i want you to stop coz i don't know the answer. It really depends on how you know that person.
@kwenge (2493)
• Kenya
17 Oct 07
Silence does not mean yes always. There is away you can ask someone a question and luck an answer completely. For example when I was a teenager, I missed my period for 2 months, I went a head and told my mother. Do you know the first question that came out of her mouth? Are you pregnant? did you sleep with a boy? did someone rape you? and what I did was to just keep quiet because I was a virgin and I hadnt known a man. So, was my silence justified as a yes to all those questions? the answer is NO. so silence sometimes depends on the weight of the question.
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@youless (92275)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Oct 07
Silence can mean a lot of things. Such as yes, or angry, or thinking, or disagreement... It depends on the situation. Usually I will let the people to say it rather than giving me a silent response.
• Philippines
19 Oct 07
No, not all the time. Sometimes I keep silence just to stop the argument or the discussion but for me it doesn't mean that I already say yes nor agree to some point. :)