Do you know a girl should grt married before 30?

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@daring (235)
October 17, 2007 3:23am CST
before i do not know that girl should married before 30 years of age but i friend told me that a girl should get married before 30 if the married after 30 years of age their children will become abnormal they may seems normal physically but mentally they will weak and they are vurnurable to any kind of deseases!!so girl get married before 30 years of age
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@LadyDulce (830)
• United States
17 Oct 07
As far as mental diseases, the age of the parents has little or no bearing on that, though the parents' mental state does. So if your mom is bipolar, there's a good chance you or your kids could develop it as well. But the age that some complications MIGHT occur isn't until at least 35, though even those are pretty rare and easily treatable. Pregnancy before 20 and after 35 are said to be those most laden with risk, although even that risk can be minimized, especially in developed countries with adequate healthcare. If a woman wants to wait until after she's 30 to have children, by all means! A woman in her thirties is most likely more financially stable than a woman in her twenties, and a woman in her forties even more so. Plus that, you get the benefit of aquired wisom, sometimes a bit more patience, and sincere enjoyment in the little ones since she waited so long to have them. She'll also not feel like she missed out on so much because she had the opportunity to live a single life while she was younger. I had my son at 19, so there's a lot of that I can't give him for a few years, though a younger mom would probably have an easier time keeping up with the babies and running on 2 hours of sleep a night before heading in to work the next day. It's also easier to remember being the same age, lol. I look at my son and I actually remember what it felt like to be his age. Kinda miss it.... Blessed Be
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
17 Oct 07
I got married before turning 30 and i gave birth at the age of 31... i don't think your friends theory about the marrying age and children born to parents who are 30 years older are scientifically proven... you can get married as long are you are of age, emotionally, and physically ready...
@b3ll3ps (11)
• Philippines
17 Oct 07
hi, what i know is when you get pregnant at the age of late 40's this might get complicated and risky during the 9mos period of bearing a child, but getting married before 30's i don't think so it will happen especially if your a healthy living type of person. Nowadays there are alternative means to avoid that kind of risk during pregnancy.