The best lice comb on the market

United States
October 17, 2007 3:13pm CST
I know everyone is fed up with the plastic combs. They don't work. They break, the teeth separate, and they are generally useless! The Nit Free Terminator is the best on the market so far. Lice Solutions did a comparison study of the three leading combs currently on the U.S. market and the results are as follows- There is no doubt that there was a noticeable difference in the comb used. While all three combs proved relatively effective in helping to remove the adult lice (thus still a viable resource for identification purposes) there was however an obvious difference in the amount of nits removed. Since most experts still agree that to effectively end the cycle nits must be removed, the results of such a comparison are critical to better understand the lack of positive results achieved by families across America. Comparisons utilizing the Rid Comb showed the Rid Comb to be discouragingly ineffective. While the LiceMeister Comb far out preformed the Rid Comb it still failed by far to meet the results seen in the Terminator Comb. It is worth nothing that in some cases, mitigating circumstances (hair textures and previous comb-outs) played a direct role in the overall end results. Additionally the more severe the case the more obvious the results were. However results still proved conclusively that there was a significant difference in the outcome based on the comb used. In summery it is therefore concluded that there was in fact a clear difference between comb designs and overall effectiveness. It is the contention of this study that by increasing the efficiency of the comb-out process, through the use of a more effective comb, there would be fewer chances of reoccurring cases due to the lack of improper treatments. The results of this study where overwhelming. For the purposes of the study comb number 21 was the Terminator Comb, number 22 was the LiceMeister and 23 the Rid Comb. Of the fifty subjects randomly selected for use of the Terminator/LiceMeister the result averages were as follows- the Terminator Comb removed on average 200 nits compared to the LiceMeister's 90 nits. Even more notable were the results if the Terminator/Rid comparison showing the Terminator removed 128 nits to the Rid comb's 38 nits. What do you think about these results?