Sri Lanka
October 17, 2007 3:58pm CST
hi!!! i hope i spelled it correctly - I'd like to know about icythiosis - supposed to be dry skin - can anyone enlighten me on this skin condition? i got to know about it very recently because someone i knew had icythiosis. Are there any permanent solutions to this condition?
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• Canada
19 Oct 07
Sorry, I didn't properly read what the writer said. The writer DOES NOT have ichthyosis, but someone he/she knows does. Sorry about that error.
• Sri Lanka
19 Oct 07
noo probs, :)
@naturalst (143)
18 Oct 07
it's terrible to have a skin disease. i wonder what this is all about. i hope i would be able to learn what this is all about. i think skin disease is a skin disease.
• Canada
19 Oct 07
Hello, I'm not sure I would call all forms of ichthyosis a skin disease. I have ichthyosis vulgaris and I have dealt with it very well with the help of my dermatologist. The writer who asked about ichthyosis doesn't know much about it and is probably a little nervous about it. You can look up ichthyosis on the net and learn about it too, instead of wondering about it.