When did you first take your kids swimming?

Mommy and me swim classes - Never to young to learn.
@maybebaby (1231)
October 17, 2007 8:45pm CST
My sister in law is taking her baby to mommy and me swim classes. The baby is only 4 months old and really it's only to help her learn to tolerate the water and stuff. These types of classes have become really popular here now. I didn't start swimming lessons until I was 6. How old was your child when you started them in swimming lessons?
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18 Oct 07
I've heard about them classes where the babies are so young. When m son was 3 I started them classes with him. Figure he had been walking awhile and he was now wanted to go in the pools and such when we would go on vacation. But it was his idea to want to learn how to swim. 4 months seems awfully young for swim lessons, the baby isn;t even sitting up on their own at 4 months. And freak things can happen, for instance the baby could accidently go under the water which could than cause the baby to grow up with a fear of water. But hey i'm not knocking it, its great shes trying to find different ways to spend with her child
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