having the best out of my k800i...

October 18, 2007 12:08am CST
I have bought my k800i way back december 26, 2006 but only just recently that i've learned that i haven't used all of my phone's features. Now i've been reading some forums through net surfing and i've found out that to achieve my phone's maximum potential i have to upgrade its software all the time. It's like upgrading computers and i haven't gotten any idea on how to do this upgrading thing. There's a lot of guidelines posted on the forums that i've read but the thing is none of them made sense to me. Can any one give me some pointers on how to upgrade my sony ericsson k800i firmware version?
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@naturalst (143)
18 Oct 07
k800i is a great phone. i wouldl ike to buy that kind of phone too. it has a wicked camera. hope i would have some money. i really don't know how to upgrade the firmware i am not good in thing like that. i am not a tech person. but i like to learn some things like how to upgrade software and to download and run thing on our cellphone. hope fully wheni have a new phone i will have to learn them by that time.