Is Da Vinci Code be a minus to the christian believer?Why?

Refleca -  Peace
October 18, 2007 8:38am CST
Yes,If we review the novel, it says that Jesus Christ married Madonna and sired her a daughter, opposite to the common christian belief that jesus christ remained celibate. If we look back to the story it says that the Knights of templar were the protector of the "secret", and the descendants of jesus christ, but the book is very revealing and very mysterious on, why should they protect the truth, what is really beyond in there, for this reason, the church begin to hesitate and banned the movie as they say that the novel is a total hoax, and may interfere the christian faith, but yes!!! i am a born christian my faith is in there and why should am i being affected with it, but it is how strong is your faith in him and i am. So there's no way to doubt whatever is in the story.
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@calicot (256)
• Philippines
31 Dec 07
I would have to agree with raulgc's response and respectfully disagree with yours suspenseful. Historically,Jesus is a Jew and traditionally all Jew men at a certain maturity need to get married. Moreso, if you want to be a rabbi, priest, teacher then not only married but with children as well. So it would be a controversy for Jesus at his time to be an unmarried rabbi, he wouldn't be a credible teacher. Unless maybe,imho, if Jesus was gay and his followers are also gay then he'd be credible and a very controversial rabbi at that. Even the men would surely protest and would conspire to eliminate him. If the church see that this book's contents are a hoax why then the massive drive to ban it, creating more controversy, fuelling more questions needed to answer, reading the book, finding answers. What is the church hiding becomes the primary question. But if the Church doesn't react "violently" then many would probably view it as a great fictional book. If the bible that we are reading now and many teachings are being based upon IS the bible that the Israelites from Abraham onwards had been using, minus the alterations and biased opinions through the centuries, then it could be a credible bible. If we were in the middle ages I could get beheaded for blasphemy and be called a heretic just for voicing out my opinion. But the fact of the matter is, the bible was only written many centuries after Christianity was already accepted as a Roman religion. Moreover, throughout its "evolution" to what we are reading now, would it be IMPOSSIBLE to alter a few words or tell a different story, or another version based on a biased opinion? Don't get me wrong here, I'm a Catholic by upbringing, graduated in the official Pontifical catholic university here in the Philippines, my favorite minor subject is theology "the study of religion". So I'm only educating myself and conducting further "study" on my religion. Many mylotters have said here and made sense that faith is not or should not be based on religion but rather on a personal and deeper relationship with God, regardless if its Allah,Buddha,Vishnu or other gods. There then would you find the truth, but once you're bent on defending your religion, imho, which have man made rules then whatever anyone would say an opinion about any belief, teaching, fictional book, the bible would be a conflict of faith indeed.
@ausbuy (28)
• Australia
10 Apr 08
If you look at the book as a work of fiction, then it is a great piece. And many great stories have a "basic truth" to them. This is not an anti catholic or anti christian piece, just a very entertaining work of fiction that contains some historical fact. Dan Brown, regardless of his own personal beliefs, has chosen to use the christian faith to be the basis of his story- albeit with a twist. The bible is the greatest selling book ever, believe in it or not this is a fact. Dan brown chose to base his story on the best selling book ever in order to ensure good sales of HIS book, a very astute move on his part, and gave the story of christ a new twist. This alone would almost guarantee huge sales by creating this type of controversy. Religion has contributed to some of the most horrendous crime against people that the world has ever known, and the christian faith , in particular the Catholic church, has been one of the worst offenders. They brought us the Inqisition, the Crusades, Civil wars in Ireland and numerous other countries not to mention the demise of many cultures, mayans and aztecs for example, all because people chose to believe in a different faith system. Wars continue even today because of religions - Iraq and Iran, Iraq and America, Israel and Palistine etc etc. Dan Brown has just pointed out some very plausible ideas in his book , such a Jesus being married, by pointing you toward the historically true facts that Jewish men of a certain age would be considered "unusual" if they were NOT married , also that the church would "lose" some power if it was proven that decendants of christ existed - would you rather talk to the great ,great, great, great,great grandson of God than the local priest? If indeed Christ did have a family, they would need some protection from the church, by virtue of the fact that they would have to be "closer to God" than someone who decided to make God their "livlyhood". Faith is not about religion, its about personal beliefs and living a good life adhereing to a set of principals that define your own personal belief system. Many biblical "laws" were passed from generation to generation becaused they helped keep the community stable and healthy, ensuring a happy and generally peaceful life. NO religion condones murder, theft, adultry or indeed racial or religious persecution. Religions accept that everyone is different. Its a pity that man has chosen to "interpret" religous teachings to suit their own needs, usually political or economic. Dan Brown points his pen toward things and asks to do believe this may have been possible - he makes you think for yourself, and not just accept the party line. Love him or Hate him, its a great story.
@cobradene (1171)
• India
19 Oct 07
I agree The Da Vinci Code is a controversial book. And it is difficult for many people who have been educated in a faith in a particular manner for generations all of sudden to accept Christ as a common householder who got married and begot children. Well, if you come to India, you will get to know more stories about Christ. There are different places in India where people claim Christ spent a lot of time. The first question is, why is there no account of Christ's 14 years in the bible right after the age of 9. Where is it? Nobody knows. Why did they erase it? Three men came to visit Christ at the time of his birth. The three men were none other than three enlightened seers from Tibet and India. It would be totally stupid to claim that there was only and always will be only one Son of God and none other. Why this supremacy? Why should God create only one Son when all of us are a part and parcel of the same Lord. India and Tibet and Nepal and some other countries have produced enlightened souls for eons. There are many cults and faiths on this earth started by great yogis and christs. So Dan Brown is not trying to malign Christ's image but he is trying to contradict the Christian faith and trying to unfold the activities of the Vatican. But sure it is a controversy there and can't be sure if it's true or not. I wouldn't want to get personal with anybody and draw too much attention on this. But, it's wrong to say Christianity is the only true faith on earth and no one else other than Christ can be the son of God. Everybody is God, all of us are his children. And all of us can realise God, right here, right now just like Christ did. Buddha attained nirvana, Mahavira did so, so was Krishna enlightened, so was Rama, so was Kahlil Gibran and many others like Hazrat, Rumi, Mohammed, Milarepa, Ramana Maharishi and the list is endless. You want to find them, you can keep on looking. Enlightenment cannot be patented by the Vatican or the Protestant. Dan Brown has made an attempt to universalize religion. There are many viewpoints in the book if you want to look. :)
@aowaow (1517)
• Indonesia
18 Oct 07
"Trust what you should trust"