Do you apologized for your fault at once?

@cici6880 (656)
October 18, 2007 9:02am CST
People always dont admit their faults for some reasons,such as for the face and self-esteem.Sometimes I do such stupid thing especial when I should say sorry to the close people.Though I know it is no sense to stick to my self-esteem as I do some thing wrong indeed.What about you?Do you also have such experience?
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• India
18 Oct 07
yes i always you not?
@cici6880 (656)
• China
18 Oct 07
Yes,I apologized always but sometimes I dont do that at once.Maybe I dont want to admit my mistake right away but I will say sorry at last.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
21 May 12
Yup! I apologize if I know I commit mistakes of doing wrong to someone. This kind of behavior is natural for us...
@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
19 Apr 08
i do apologize the moment i realize that i am at fault at once... i dont want to be rude but of course, sometimes when i am really not feeling well about a topic or at some point others are making, i tend to say harsh things, that i dont really mean... the moment i realize that i hurt someone, i do apologize right away.
@acewings (30)
• United States
1 Apr 08
Well, this one guy got mad at me so he wanted to fight me, so he raised his fist, and I reacted by kicking him in the face. And then I said that I was sorry even though I didn't want to. I ussually say I'm sorry.
• Malaysia
2 Nov 07
I will apologized and admitted my fault if i did something wrong. yea, I know sometime human personality is self protection and selfish, they will simply hide the wrong thing and sometime even blame on others. Previously I had been blame by someone, I means more then once in my life, I really angry and upset about that. I don't want people around me did that to me, as a result I will also wont do that to them as well. I means we have to responsible for all the thing that we had done, no matter is right or wrong. So I will responsible for everything I had done and apologize to the person if I did to hurt him/her.
• United States
22 Oct 07
i am quite bullheaded and i only apologize if i feel like i am in the wrong. i dont apologize if i think i am in the right i dont agree with every one but when im wrong i do the right thing and offer a apology its a part of me i am not going to be apologetic unless i am in the wrong. not everybody can agree with everything that is said to them. if they did what would the world be like. kind of boring. every one is allowed to have their own beliefs and not be judged very interesting blog