October 28, 2006 1:34am CST
Can YOGA cure hypertension? Can YOGA reverse the ill-effects of hypertension on various organs of the body, such as, heart, kidney, eyes, vision, etc.?
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@baysmummy (1639)
• Australia
16 Nov 06
How you can cure your hypertension In fact, easily you can cure your hypertension by simple measures. Without pills, and for good. Probably, as in most cases, you will succeed to reach your normal blood pressure within only 6 - 10 weeks. The principle is, to allow your body to normalize your blood pressure, by re-establishing the natural blood circulation conditions of your cardiovascular system. This happens, if you introduce certain changes in your daily feeding habits. On the one side, this reinforces the regeneration capacity of your body. On the other side, this enables the body to eliminate those substances, that up to now have accumulated in the walls of your cardiovascular system (especially in the basal membrane of the blood vessels), narrowing its lumen and increasing its flow resistance. Also, the viscosity of the blood decreases, the blood becomes thinner and receives a higher oxygen capacity at the same time. Now, having no reason to pump the blood with higher pressure through the system, the body regulates back to the normal blood pressure parameters. By itself, without any pills. It's that simple.