Writing for a Gaming Magazine

United States
October 18, 2007 3:44pm CST
Here's something I'm interested in as well. I tend to like to write about older games but I'm not sure if there's any magazines that will accept them. Mainly it has to do with connecting with the NES, SNES, possibly some N64, and Genesis games that I've played and it has to do with the Virtual Console. More or less, it would like a recommendation as to whether or not, it would be a game to download or not at all. I have a pretty good library of games and would like to share that with everyone. What's a gaming magazine that would accept it for payment of course and where I would need to go about it exactly. Also, I got this one idea I wanted to write about was something a theory of the Virtual Console being created. What magazines will accept them for payment possibly if they are liked of course? Does anybody know?
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