2008... Almost a Decade into the Millinium....

United States
October 18, 2007 6:54pm CST
What up! pimps, playas, Ladies, and O's I'm just passing by to say WHAT UP!!! It's been a while and I didn't want my friends n fan's to think I've abandon them. I'm still here for U. I've been a lil busy lately trying to get my next designs and clothing ready for tha winter season. http://esasinswear.shirtcity.com http;//esasinswear.shirtcity.com Well with that said. What's good peoples? How have all of u been? I hope it's been a great year for u. Can u believe it's almost over, thats crazy! Were almost a decade into the Millinium, 2 years, 2months, n 2weeks SHY of a decade but DAMN!!! I still remember celebrating the year 2000 and now it's almost 2008. WOW! Time really can fly. Well I just wanted to say what up and make sure all is good with u, and drop me a line sumtime. All of U...... http://esasinswear.shirtcity.com http://esasinswear.shirtcity.com Peace, K.L. (Owner) ESASINS WEAR
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