The best virtual pet site :)

United States
October 18, 2007 8:09pm CST
Pony Island is a really awesome virtual pet game. I have been there for almost 2 years now. Yes, it is a pay site. You get a 2 week free trial, after that if you wish to continue to play you must pay 14 for 6 months or 24 for a year subscription. The price is very fair. I play many pay to play games and some charge as much as that for 1 month. Why is pony island worth it? What makes it different enough to pay money to play? 1.) Each pet is unique an individual. No two pets are alike. This is not like neopets where the pets are all the same and just a few different colors; no, these pets have over 10 Quadrillion color combonations using a complex php script. It has realistic genetics and breeding. There are special sgenes and markings that will be passed down to offspring. Has both dominant and recessive genes. 2.) No ads, this site is not supported by ads of any kind, the only thing supporting the site is the subscription money that they recieve. 3.) Constantly updated. New breeds and S-genes are added every few months. 4.) Great friendly community. One of the benefits of it being a paid to play site, it weeds out scammers, griefers, trolls, etc as not too many are going to pay 15 bucks just to troll or spam the forums. You can breed, contest, or train your ponies. If you are an 80s child and grew up loving my little pony, like me, then you will instantly love the graphics, very high quality art work. Many other features can be found in the community, such as an adoptables/breedable/changeable pet shop ran by great artists in the community or the ability to make some side income using the non pony trade forums to sell in game items for real life cash. No lie, I have made about $400 usd since I joined 2 years ago. ---------- About the only thing the site is missing is more mini games right now there is only one, triple triad (yes like the final fantasy card game.) If you join please tell em, Xenokitten sent ya :)
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