posting or replying?

October 18, 2007 10:05pm CST
which of the two could gain more credits?is it posting or replying?
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• Canada
19 Oct 07
Replying with long, quality responses. The only way to make money from you posts is for a ton of people replying to your post.
• Philippines
5 Nov 07
thnks for the reply.....i appreciate it happy posting
@hanreq (1445)
• Philippines
19 Oct 07,
• Philippines
19 Oct 07
thanks............ happy posting..
• Pakistan
4 Nov 07
Both could gain the same credits. If you post your respond of discussion started by some one at mylot you a point would be added in your credit. If you start a discussion on mylot, you would be eligible to get a point, even though you get many responses of the discussion you had started. Keeping you stay at mylot and work hard to post your responds could cause to increase your points and earning of money. You can not speed up at start, but after completing your 500 posts you can get the facility of copy and paste which could cause to speed up your work and earn more and more.
@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
21 Oct 07
If I have something more to say for many text line on certain issue, I better place it for my start new discussion. More credits and mylot reputation value and I can refer to its achievement in my 'earnings' page and the star rating displayed. Whereas just less, I will be making more responding to others discussion. .