To Fall For or not

October 19, 2007 1:48am CST
After the pain has gone and now ready to face the new life. Its really amazing how you caught up with people or person. At first you would think that your heart will not beat again, but then ooppss there it goes again and sad to say you fall to the wrong person, again. I might say that life is sometimes cruel to us but it gives us lesson to learn. I am hurt by the decisions and choices that I made. Can't blame anyone. It felt good and then there it comes the not-feeling-good. Despite all this, I know smile will appear on me and the burdens of losing the love which you think has petentials to grow will soon be forgotten but always be remembered. Theres always sunshine that would brighten the day and love will find its way in to your life.
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• Malaysia
20 Oct 07
to fall for or not..when you've gone thru so many hurtful things in life, that's easier said than done. you become more cautious and would stay away from the things that have the potential to break your heart. although we have been hurt before, we should allow ourselves to love and learn from experience. it might be hard but hopefully one day we will be able to find the love that we've all been searching for all these while :)
@milkfish (375)
• Philippines
19 Oct 07
They say "all is fair in love and in war" We each have our own share of happy moments and painful moments when it comes to love. There are times that we are already afraid to fall in love again after a painful past relationship. I came from a long relationship that ended very badly. I grieved and moved on. I decided that life goes on no matter what. Love did not chose to stay but what matters most is that I chose to love even with risks involved. At the end, God sent me a wonderful man that I finally married. There is really someone destined for each of us. So lets keep on falling in love, even if at the end it will hurt. The experience will mold us into a much better person than before.
@lucky_witch (2711)
• Philippines
19 Oct 07
WEll, That is how things go. If we are hurt, we cant find the reason why things such as that happens. The pain is too strong that it almost take your breath away. We dont know if we could still go on and survive. But as soon as we learn to accept we begin to see why things happen... we learn from it.