Can't get enough of Friday the 13th concert

October 19, 2007 12:26pm CST
I can recall myself getting addicted to the Maroon V's Friday the 13th concert on video. The first time I saw it on DVD, i was so focused that I really felt like I was in the concert and I sang to all of the songs. You see, I also had the Songs about Jane album in my car and kept playing it over and over and over...that when I played the video, I just can't help but be an audience in the concert even just from my room. I remember playing the concert before I go to sleep, even during my sleep and even in the morning when I wake up! Man, remembering this makes me laugh..:D It's funny because there would be times when I'd wake up so low, then I'd put on the video and I'd feel better and get on with my day...tsk tsk...I only got over the watching of the video when I lost the DVD one time, and I really freaked out at first...then grieved over the loss but then I got over it. I eventually saw the DVD again after some time and now I keep it safe, just in case I'd love to see the concert again. :)
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