Have you hear of Rusty Meyers: Country singer

Rusty Meyers: Country Singer: Posted with Permissi -  This is a picture of Rusty Meyers a country singer..His myspace location is http://myspace.com/rustymeyer

He is a very kind soul..
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October 19, 2007 12:53pm CST
While on myspace I had an myspace friend add..Rusty Meyers..I accepted his request..and went to see who this was..to make sure it wasn't someone I shouldn't have as a friend. Well, Rusty Meyers is a new country singer..who have a very beautiful voice..very smooth mellow country sound. Have you ever heard of his music? He has a true country tone.. If you haven't heard of Rusty, you can visit his myspace site at http://myspace.com/rustymeyer On his link he has some demos of his singing..I really like the song titled "Without You"If you like country..You will love Rusty... His music comes from the depths of his soul I am attaching a picture of him..which he gave me permission to post;)
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15 May 08
I've never heard of him.