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October 19, 2007 6:28pm CST
*--What do you think are the chances that Call Center Industry in the Phillipines will retain its stability in the next 20 years? *--What do you think are the aspects needed by the Industry to improve Call Center Employees' abilities towards Customer Service and Sales as of these days? PLEASE SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN REGARDS TO THESE QUESTIONS.... THANK YOU!
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• Philippines
20 Oct 07
im a call center agent myself for more than 3yrs now and honestly as of today, its really possible that it will not last that long. not because we are incompetent but its because of a diff factor. for example, the manpower. before out HR can hire at least 30-50 people per week but now its really quite low simply because there are a lot of call centers nowadays and one person will not be afraid to get fired coz they'll think that they can still go to diff centers. each accounts has specific service level to meet and if a certain call center did not achieve that, there is a big possibility that the account will be pulled-out. hhhmm, come to think of it, i have to find another job:-)
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