what's up radio?

October 20, 2007 4:38am CST
nowadays, with all the technology advancements, mp3 players, ipods, etc.. do you think radio is a dying medium? or do you still prefer listening to the radio instead of hearing nonstop music from your gadgets? why? or why not? personally, i still prefer radio over those techy gadgets, coz there's this unique thing about radio. i don't know how to explain but it makes me feel that i'm not alone,as if i've got somebody with me.. the human touch (radio jocks) of radio helps a lot..
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@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
23 Oct 07
i dont think radio is dying. a lot of people still listen to it. i listen to it. my friends listen to it. my officemates listen to it. ^__^ high tech gadgets may be everywhere but not everyone can afford them. they are still modern luxuries that one can live without. while radio has been there and has been part of life. we dont just get entertainment from it, we get news from it, we get updated about events happening in the country. news and music can reach people in the far-flung to the remotest of areas because of radio frequency that can reach these places. and, these high tech gadgets are mostly popular to young individuals while most of the oldies still prefer the radio. ^__^
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
20 Oct 07
I have a blind boy at home, as he cannot see, for him radio is a god sent gift. He tunes in from morning to midnight, except during working hours. I toolike to listen to FM station which broadcasts local music.