What care should be taken before going on a date?

October 20, 2007 5:05am CST
Dating has become very important part of our life.It helps to socialize,to make new friends.But if you don't follow etiquettes it can definitely make bad impression..So what extra care do you take before going on a date ?
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20 Oct 07
It all depends on the enviroment. Personally i try to read the people im with to see how things are. Try to be polite but not over the top. But it all depends on who your with. If your with people that are reserved its completely different to being with people that are wild. Personally I monitor who is who and where theyre status is within the group. So that you know who not to offend if by accident. But generally go with the flow. If at a dinner and not sure what to do just follow what everyone else is doing. Its hard to say without an event to discuss. Is it a singles date or an office outing etc?
21 Oct 07
hi Thanx for your comment...I think it is very important to consider what are interests of person you are going on date with...