After using steriods which is the best way to lose weight?

October 20, 2007 8:43pm CST
I had to take was a matter of life or death. Now I have gained an extra 50 lbs...its been 2 years later and I still can't lose that weight. I am getting sick of buying clothes in the plus size department and my husband telling me I could lose some weight...any suggestions?
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• Portugal
21 Oct 07
well theres nothing wrong having some extra weight but the truth is that u hv to feel good with urself! i know what it feels like! im trying to loose some weight in some dangerous areas too, and its the hardest sometimes i dont even feel like loosing it... i actually feel good with myself but i know its not healthy and loosing some could actually make me hotter!! :P i kid!! i think the best thing to do is to hv a healthy diet, which means a lot of greens! and long walks!! god knows im trying to follow my own advice and im loosing the battle but u hv to try!!! it really can work!!
@maddysmommy (16236)
• United States
21 Oct 07
Start slowly - try walking for at least 20 minutes a day and then increase it a little every week or as often as you can/want to. Drink lots of water and start to cut down on your daily intake of foods. I do that by limiting my portions so instead of 4 peices of toast for breaky, i have two, now sometimes only one peice if i feel like it, or swap it for oatmeal or small plate of cereal with a banana and low fat milk either 1% OR 2%. Instead of cookies or chips for snacks, try carrots or health fruit bars or fruits or even veges if you like veges. Then tell your husband not to hassle you in losing weight - you do it for yourself and no one else. Walk everyday if you can or at lest 3-5 days a week. Sooner or later you will start to feel a little more energetic, and would want to walk further. If you want you can buy a pedometer and count your steps and increase it as you go :) GOOD LUCK
@anniepa (27238)
• United States
21 Oct 07
My daughter also has to take steroids off and on due to Crohn's disease so I know what you're going through. For her, her weight is like a yo-yo, up and down, because of the Crohn's. I'm no expert on diet or weight-loss but my advice would be to start going for a walk everyday if you don't do that already. And cut down on your portions and eat fewer foods with high carb or fat content. Moderation is the key here. Also, and I'm trying this right now so I don't know yet if it's true, they say drinking tea helps you lose weight because it speeds up the metabolism. Good luck and let me know how you do! Annie