Life is not a game

United States
October 20, 2007 11:02pm CST
Alot of people think of life as a game. I am not sure the reason for this. Do you look at life as a game?
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@moondan (714)
• China
21 Oct 07
I heard some of my friends said life was a game.In China there is a old saying that life likes drama ,drama likes life.Maybe these have some reasons.But i think life is only a life to myself.Within lover ,parents,friends,smiling,crying,angray,happy.Come across some people,be success or fail. I will love my life ,and do well in my life ,don't think it is only a game.
@tsyzcl (16)
• China
21 Oct 07
of course life is not a game.we meat many situations that we need to think carefully.we love in our life.i think love is the most important thing in our lives.can you descibe love as a game?do love from your family numbers important for you?life is not a game,it is your most precious thing.
@gradyslady (4055)
• United States
21 Oct 07
What is the reasoning behind life is not a game? People say life is a game because you take chances, like you do in games, you win you lose, like you do in games, and well unfortunately, some people end up giving up too soon in life, as well as in some games.
@michfroi (413)
• Philippines
21 Oct 07
yeah... life is like a game... you may win or lose... life is what we make of it but we cant control the outcome of our decisions most of the weve made a wrong decisions.. sometimes were lucky.... so i think life is like a game because you have the good luck and the bad luck