October 21, 2007 2:30am CST
I always feel confusing,but now i am also clear about many things which had confused me for long.may be it is the necessary step for us to be mature.when we have to handle a new problem ,firstly ,we feel confused and dont known what to do,then we thought it over and over,that feeling of confusement may last long and there are always collisions in the mind .at last ,we are clear in mind.wo,that feeling of a clear mind is really,what about you ,have you had the same feeling with me?
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21 Oct 07
their is no life without confusion...confusion makes us look at a problem from all the angles and thus come to a better solution....everybody gets confused...its natural..sometimes v dont get an answer...but after a few days wen v think over it v feel tat ter was no need of any confusion itself...buts life like tat....
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21 Oct 07
confusion - so with a bit of fun it is easy to sleep wen you have a lot of confusions.
Well i fell tat confusion is an integral part of the human life. what will be life without confusion. Again the uncertainties about everything is just the result of the confusion that prevails. Confusions are necessary in life. What would life be without any confusion, where we always know the course of action to take or we have no alternatives. What would life be then? There would not be any meaning to life. The conscience in us tells us what to do, but it is always diametrically opposed to what we want to do. It is human motives like pleasure, greed, laziness, selfishness that always gets an upper hand in our decisions. Ever wondered why? It is so because they are easier to put in action and it gives us a sense of pleasure for the time being.
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6 Apr 08
Confusion is over once you start understanding things well.