What's your favourite shopping centre?

October 21, 2007 4:05am CST
Shopping can make you dependent... but it's great occupation! Isn't it? ;):) And where is that place? (city)
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@Pompon (1758)
• Poland
21 Oct 07
Arkadia in the daylight - This is a picture of shopping mall Arcadia in Warsaw, Poland. It is a fine place to spend your time and money in it:P
It's in Warsaw, my hometown. It's called Arkadia. Geez, marketing these days tries really hard to make us belive that shopping is art:P They call shopping Malls "Galleries" and sales "shoping festivals". Anyway, I attached a picture so everyone can see how does Arcadia look like;)
• Poland
21 Oct 07
10.11.07 - I'll be there ;)
@milott (2648)
• India
24 Oct 07
Here, we have one of the biggest shopping mall in town which I visit at least once a month for all my shopping needs and it is the best place to shop for anything and everything in a single roof. I prefer that place for shopping all the time.
@steerforth (1802)
• Italy
21 Oct 07
My favorite shopping centre is in Rome, not far from my home. His ame is "Cinecittà due". It's a very big shopping centre where there are a lot of shops of clothes. I love to buy clothes, I like to wear casual clothes. There is a parking for the cars and shops of music, electronics, there are coffee bars and little resturants.
@bowtieguy (5927)
• United States
21 Oct 07
There is a mall I go to sometimes with my sons, but for me I just have my favorite store that I visit regularly that are downtown not really in a center or anything.
@Huying (389)
• China
21 Oct 07
I like to go shopping with my friends.I come from China,Yueyang city.Though this city is not very large,I think it is very convinient to buy clothes.My favorite shopping cetre is Paisheng and Wlmart.
@goodsign (2287)
• Malaysia
21 Oct 07
Great occupation? Yes maybe you are true for that claims. My favorite shopping center, locally, is located nearby my dwelling premise is in Kuala Lumpur at Mid-Valley Megamall. It is currently the second largest in South East Asia. And many foreigners like to stay at the attached hotel to its building, named Cititel. The links to it, relevant to our discussion; www.midvalley.com.my en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid_Valley_Megamal travel.travelocity.com/hotel/HotelDateLessDetail.do?..
@nyumix (1661)
• Belgium
21 Oct 07
Sp far, I like to do shopping in Singapore. There are so many choices of malls and stores, and the prices are also variables. So I can choice which one is match with my budget. I didn't try other country yet, maybe others can give advices for me :)