Utilising public utilities.

@vsraovsr (734)
October 21, 2007 5:47am CST
How we are utilsing our public utilities like public transposrt, water and sanitation systems?I have observed many people use these things as if they own it. when it comes to water and sanitation specially in public places like bus station, raliway stations and airports.People do not even bother to properly close the wash basin taps so that many liters of water can be saved. Using public saniation systems like toilets are real nightmares.People neither properly use nor flush the toilets making the area sinking, forcing others to avoid using such facilities. There is also a problem from agencies who do not properly maintain these sanitation systems. Hope people get educated them selves to properly utilise these basic services so that even some one who wants use thse in case of urgency they donot suffer or feel bad about it. Its the same in case of public transposrt whetehr train bus or flight.
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