OS doesnt load... help needed

@cyrux004 (949)
August 12, 2006 11:53am CST
My friend has a LG k1 xpress laptop with windows xp sp2 installed on it. He was using the laptop today , just listening to music on real one when a non responsive error occured. He had to forcefully shut down the laptop by holding the power switch for few seconds. When he restarted the laptop the os gave the options that usually comes with an unusal shutdown.So i tried this .last know conifguration doesnt work,hangs up on loading screen of xp . Safe mode hangs on mup.sys error ( Is there a solution to this error..witnessed it so many times on several different systems using sp2) .. when trying to boot with xp cd , loads the first set of files and gives meesage setup is starting windows xp and then hangsup Here is a screen shot of the screen http://img127.imageshack.us/my.php?image=12082006001ij8.jpg I suppose this might be a MBR problem . The laptop is just a month old. i tried knoppix live cd 4.0 , i could mount the hdd and see the contents of it. How do i proceed from here ? There are some tools in live cd to format and re-partition hdd .. how do i use it ? Is this the best option Also tried win98se , but couldnt get access to hdd of lappy since its in NTFS format . Can i try out FDISK here Please advise P.S . The hdd has just no partitions.Only C: available
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• China
21 Sep 06
setup system again.
• Ireland
13 Aug 06
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@coral999 (141)
• Australia
13 Aug 06
you can't load normal windows over sp2. have to format and start again as sp2 is newer than xp or others.
• Bangladesh
12 Aug 06
I think its a virus. Without any delay you need to partion you HDD. And resetup the OS. That should solve your problem.