Sad fate of Krygyz women

@hillock (749)
October 22, 2007 1:59am CST
A gang of drunk young men emerged from a car and grabeed a young woman in broad daylight, ingonring her screams as they stuffled her into back seat. On that day in September 2006, the woman, a university student named Oksana, became a victim of a resurgent custom in improvised cantral Asian Nation - the kidnapping of woman for forced marriage. Taken ot home of her kidnapper, Oksana was subjected to three days of intense pressure from his mother and grandmother. She tried to resist, crying ang begging to be released. Finally after three days she submitted and donned a "jooluk", the traditional Krygyz shawl that signifies a woman is engaged to be married. Even if Oksana refused, spending 3 days in her future's husband home had already sealed her fate. Under local customs, she was consider tainted and would have been unable to return to her parents home. All she could hope for was that her husband would be "a good man, kind and gentle." - Antoine Lambroschini "Gulf Times" I just want to share it with you guys.. -my reaction? i was outraged for a stupid custom they have. and i feel lucky that im not krgyz. that i wasnt born and raised there. kidnapping? i mean guys in there must be pretty desperate to resort to that kind of act. it scary just to think of it. so what do u think guys?
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@huilee (1010)
• Singapore
14 Nov 07
What? Are you serious? Is this a real case or? I mean its so sad in such modern world, such things are happening... I can never be able to visual it... Im glad there's nothing of such happening much now... I dun wanna be a victim...
@hillock (749)
• Qatar
15 Nov 07
it really did happen... i read it in a newspaper. it is widespread in Kyrgyzstan and in Naryn province 60% to 80% of marriages begin with an abduction. I dont want it to happen to me also. it is pretty scary. so much like we still have somehthing to be grateful for where we are born and raised cause we dont have that stupid custom! thanks for responding!
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
25 Oct 07
It is quite incredible to see such incident still could happen in this modern world. I believe that by force or other undesirable means we just couldn’t get happy marriage. One could capture a woman’s body but couldn’t get her true heart. Then the marriage will be meaningless. Certain customs are controversial it is up to the person who had really suffered it could tell us whether it is right or wrong.
@hillock (749)
• Qatar
28 Oct 07
yah its quite sad to think that there are women out there who are suffering because of their stupid custom. but according to the research some girls were happy[well they are quite fortunate i guess] so the customs wouldnt die at all.
• Philippines
22 Oct 07
thats awful,mybe i will gone mad if i raise like that. well i heard a lot about those stupid tradition all i can say that, i wish one day that would stop.and give the young people a right to choose on thier oun.