Why does my kitten try to lick my face?

United States
October 22, 2007 6:34am CST
Our new kitten is constantly trying to climb into my lap and lick my face. Sometimes it gets playful and nips at my chin. And, I can't figure out the strange behavior. Is there some wonderful smell on my face that is attracting the cat? Why do cats do crazy things like that? Is this just kitten behavior or do big cats do that too?
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• India
23 Oct 07
tats the natural behavior of cats..tats how they show ter affection to us...its perfectly normal...
@GardenGerty (94524)
• Marion, Kansas
23 Oct 07
I have one cat that will do this. None of my others ever have. Creamery will in fact put a paw on each of my shoulders and lick my chin. I do not have an answer other than it may be salty from sweat, or you may use a cleanser that has an attractive aroma to the kitten. It could be he smells food on your breath. I have had lots of cats that liked my hair care products and have licked and clawed my hair. I think some things just are special to them.
@peanutjar (5211)
• Canada
23 Oct 07
Hi.My dog and 2 cats do that.I dont like it when the cats do it,its not a very nice feeling to feel sandpaper on my cheek,nose or chin,haha.Shes showing some love,like little love nips.She considers you family and thats what they do when they want to love you and get some attention from it,hehe.Love nipping!!Haha Peanutjar:)
@cikedo (3487)
• United States
22 Oct 07
One of my cats use to do that to me all the time. There are only two reasons I can think of that they would do that. The first reason that comes to mind is that they are just lovey dovey cats and are showing affection for their humans. Cats lick eachother as a way of grooming and showing love. That may be what your cat is doing to you. Does that cat purr while it licks your face? If it does then I'm pretty sure that is what's up. The other reason cats may do that is because they like salt and we secrete salt when we sweat. It's kinda gross but that may be the reason.
@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
22 Oct 07
Only one of my 3 cats do that. he just like to kiss me. When I take him in my arms he just have to lick my month lol. He also do it when i ask him a kiss. it,s funny because he doesnt always want to kiss my boyfriend lol
@hopejordan (3566)
• Australia
22 Oct 07
yes both cats and kittens do that just depends my little girl suize just had her kittens she does not do it to me only to my children but she still comes to me and tamone the male cat rubs himself on me but not lick every cat is different. thanks for your discussion and god bless you