Major Rant

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October 22, 2007 4:56pm CST
I don't know what else to say about this. There is no excuse for that debacle after being up 3-1 with a chance to take it all. Looks like the Fox Network got what they wanted, they wanted Boston to win since New York couldn't make it. I get this feeling that the game was rigged to some degree. In Game 6, the strike zone might have been squeezed real quite where everything would seem to be called a ball. I'm like oh geez. If anyone saw Game 7, Lofton was safe but the Ump said he was out. I was looking in different views but I kept seeing him safe. It was as if somebody told them to go right on ahead and screw Cleveland big time. It's no secret the network has a problem with Cleveland just because they're not one of the highest paid franchises and didn't have some sympathy story to follow along. This is just me venting out and I really do believe that the Umps made sure that Cleveland lost and they made very questionable calls. I find it rather ridiculous. If Boston had won without some questionable decisions, then perhaps I wouldn't be so furious over it. I do sound bitter and I will admit to being that since they lost in the ALCS. Is this team ever going to win the World Series? It's just getting so ridiculous, every year, they either have a bad year or get knocked out before making it. No more settling for 2nd best or anything else, they need to win and get this drought over with. If it isn't just Fox, it's also the media that has some hatred for Cleveland as well. They could care less about them but if it's there precious New York or Boston, then they start giving them all the attention in the world. I don't mean to go off like this. It's just so frustrating. I feel better now. Just had to get this out of my system.
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@gradyslady (4055)
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22 Oct 07
I know, it sucks because Kenny was clearly safe. If that wouldn't have happened, who knows what would have happened. For all we know we could have scored like 7 runs if Kenny was safe at second, which he was... And yeah all sports casters and everything hates Cleveland, when we do well it's not that we have good teams, it's the other teams didn't do their best and let us have it, and when we do lose, it's well duh we knew that was going to happen. Give us credit, the Cavaliers and Indians are good! Or they wouldn't have gotten where they did this year.
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23 Oct 07
I hear you on that. It's like the sports casters have it preprogrammed to hate Cleveland. What did Cleveland do to them exactly? I tell ya they get no respect at all. This is why I despite the sports media at times.