A message from Former Presidents George H.W. Bush, and William J. Clinton

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October 28, 2006 3:21am CST
The generosity of people never ceases to amaze us. Since President Bush asked us to co-chair this fund in September, the response has been remarkable. Nearly 60,000 people have donated to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund, for a total of over $100 million in contributions, and more money continues to come in. Today, we are pleased to announce our first grants. Thirty million will be devoted to higher education institutions that were ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. These colleges and universities -- the cornerstones of communities across the region -- can now get back to the jobs they always have done: educating young people and adults, training new workers, employing large numbers of people, and providing much-needed recreational and entertainment services. The Fund has also formed a partnership with the United Negro College Fund on behalf of Historically Black Colleges and Universities affected by the hurricane. A disbursement of $40 million will be divided among funds established by the Governors of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. The money will be used to fill gaps unmet by other local, state, and federal relief and rebuilding efforts. Another $20 million grant will support a ministerial partnership with local and regional faith-based organizations, which were instrumental in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina but now require our help to continue providing critical services to their communities. Through the generosity of our donors and with the help of former Labor Secretary Alexis Herman and former Commerce Secretary Don Evans, who are donating their time to serve as co-chairs of our board of trustees, we can accomplish so much. We will continue to update you on this website about the progress we make directing funds to the affected areas and about how your donation has helped restore lives and livelihoods to the people of the Gulf Coast. Many thanks to all of those who contributed to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.
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