help with this question and trix please

trix - help me to solve this
October 22, 2007 7:23pm CST
hi all there is a question in a tv program now and i will go crazy because of it, so please help me to solve it its in the picture and i answered all resonable answers like 1 meter and 3 and 750 and 210 there is a trix in this question but i dont know what is it so please help me the question is what is the total meters shown on the screen
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@sororravn (449)
• United States
23 Oct 07
Have you tried 125 meters? That seems to be the longest distance that is shown and the other two distances are going to be within the 125 meters if you are measuring all three distances in the same direction.
23 Oct 07
i have tried it as first answer but its wrong i also tried from 1 to 9, and 210,410,185,195,21,23 its still online