can you have it?

October 23, 2007 7:41am CST
Im sure there is a lot of people out there who dont believe in soulmate but what we dont know is there is a lot more number of people that is absolutely believe in soulmate..Let me give you some series of advice to have it..You must demand nothing less than the best of yourself and for yourself.You must tell to yourself that it is not wrong to want it all.It is not wrong to demand dignity,love,honor,and romance in your life.You must decide that peace,joy and abundance in a relationship is not just for other people.It is for you.It is not a pipe dream to believe that GOD has provided for you another person in this world in whom you can trust with your most intimate and vulnerable secrets and other words one who is your soulmate...i've got my soulmate..have you found yours??
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