My 'mother'

October 23, 2007 9:58am CST
Recently I have had a huge falling out with my mum who is mentally unbalanced. She was horrible to me growing up and she constantly put me down in front of my daughter. I finally plucked up the courage to tell her where to go I dont want to know her anymore. She is now saying she wants full access to my oldest child, not my baby, just the older child which disgusts me and she is taking me to court. I feel it isn't safe for my mum to be around my kids. It could take me all day to explain my reasons for this. I don't think she has a chance with any access because of her mental state Im just not sure if she has any legal right? Does anyone have any similar legal battle with grandparents of your children?
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@mamasan34 (6521)
• United States
23 Oct 07
It really all depends upon where you live. If you live in the United States the laws a little muddled. There really are no clear views on it, each state views it differently, some call it permissive visitation and some have restrictive visitation. It is difficult for a grandparent to gain visitation through the courts and the courts have to decide what is best for the child's interests. If you can prove that your child is safer away from your mother, then you stand a very good chance in the courts denying her petition, but to some extent she may have some legal right to visitation. It just depends upon where you live and your states statutes. you might consider visiting an attorney who specializes in family law to determine what your options are.
23 Oct 07
Hi there thanks for comment I live in UK so I'll get some legal advice about it.
@nancyrowina (3850)
23 Oct 07
In England they are trying to make changes in the law so grand parents have some rights to their grand children I don't know how the law stands where you live. If your mother is really unstable and it can be proven then I can't see how any court would give her unsupervised access. if you are really worried see a solicitor I'm sure you could get legal aid on a case like this.
23 Oct 07
Thanks yeh Im going to Citizens Advice tomorrow - just peace of mind she wont turn up at my door.