canadian government? whats up with that

October 23, 2007 10:28pm CST
promises buy the elected govnmt/canada promise to reduce the gst by 1cent. wholy cow 1 more cent reduction and i can afford to buy new shoes ,..... next year. gst is just a way of the government controlling how many hours you work and how easily you make your way through life. i say why does the government feel that they should profit from my hard labor. my sweat and blood and i do mean blood. i usually get cut accidentally most times in the completion of a job and i don't appreciate the fact that they are benefitting from it.i say canadian govmt can go to hadies i say workmans compensation can go there as well. i don't report all of my injuries. so what, i got cut in the completion of the job i was hired to do. ive gone to work with broken limbs and still was able to complete the task at hand. the govnmt wants their take, it's like a big maffioso, protection? against what? reduction in the health care system, oops too late, better water, well their taxing that too if you buy bottled, and soon we'll all be on a meter. don't shower more than once a week or receive the wrath of the govnmt in an increased tax asessment, we have representatives for every country in the world, translaters, transcribers and professional go betweens and what benefit is it to us. if you go to parliament and listen, you might need a translater to understand the legal jargon. the crap that the canadian govnmt is trying to pull over our eyes is, well, no other way to say it CRAP. they say the cost of living is going up. i say the cost of govermental control cost is going up. when you can vote yourself an increase in financial compensation and at the same time give everybody else under you a small compensation for haveing said yes. i'm wondering why we even have a vote. vote for me i'll do the less worst job of ruleing and misapropriateing funds than the last guy...........i promise vote for me j doe, i'm the little guy
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