Steve Wilko Show

@cynddvs (2950)
United States
October 23, 2007 10:31pm CST
Has anyone seen the Steve Wilko Show? Steve is that bald body guard from Jerry Spring for those of you who didn't know who I was talking about. I was up late last night because I couldn't sleep. I was channel surfing at 2am when I ran across his show. I think it's new and it can't be that great if they are showing it at 2am. I only watched part of it. It wasn't like Jerry Springer. There were no fights breaking out or boobs being flashed. It was mainly just Steve going off on his ignorant guests from what I could tell. So for those of you that have seen the show what did you think?
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10 Apr 08
I don't like it. Your right he don't have boobs or fights like Jerry. But all he does is get in people's faces and scream at them till his veins pop out. And he makes them stand up on stage if they are bad.
• Canada
15 May 09
somtimes a person has to 'get ' in another person's face to find out the truth.that's what makes steve a great guy,he's not scared to do that.also like steve says the guilty will either a.get mad or b. run off stage
@blackdove (390)
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8 Nov 07
I don't think his show will last. I don't like him because he'll get one part of a story for person 1, and won't let person 2 explain their side. He'll just go off on them and start judging them. But I don't expect much better from someone who is or once were a COP!
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• United States
21 Nov 08
hi my name is rosemary and for your understanding i like steve show he cn tell that trash to get off is stage with out fighting and showing boobs i think he does a good job throw that trash off his stage keep up the good work steve will keep ocala fl
8 Dec 08
hi rosemary i agree with what you are saying i think steve gets his point across the people who say he is an idiot is very wrong as i say keep the good work up
4 Feb 09
I hate the show. I didn't appreciate how he really went off on a guy today. Sure the guy wasn't the greatest dad, but if you ask me the mother had some major problems too. Steve was 100 % on the mother's side. Poor dad didn't have a chance.
8 Dec 08
well i think his show is great or they wouldnt be showing it at all it doesnt matter if there is no fights steve is getting the point across in this nation mary
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25 Nov 08
he s a idiot.jerry springer wanna be.always trying to humiliate those people.boy he must really pay them good to go there
7 Oct 08
you all are fools.... he is the only cop that really cares about situations in life... I watch it and cry for the people ( I am a sponge) lol for others.... If he truly defends someone? Only comparison i can honestly say? IS Montel Williams... and I don't watch tv alot... but character and integrity are the same..... Hats off to you babe... gonna send you a story.... and is a hellified one.... would like you behind my back.... thank you Jenise