how can mothers be so irresponsible

October 24, 2007 1:17am CST
I happened to visit a hospital and i saw a girl about 18years of age sleeping on a bench i thought she was sick but later found that she took some sleeping pills her sis and brother were doing all the running but the mother was least interested in her the hospital did not admit her and her mother was reluctana to take her to another hospital i wondere how can mothers be so hard heartedtowards their own children
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@latinvari (192)
• Turkey
24 Oct 07
some peoples bad some peoples good persons infact some mothers bad some mothers good persons this is normally
• India
24 Oct 07
I alwaye beleive in a better way of perspective thinking. It is not so easy to judge the feelings of a mother. Even though the brothers/sisters have taken the child to the hospital, more than the doctor can serve any help, the life of the child is ultimately in the hands of the god. While the sister/brother is working to save her life by doing all kinds of chores, the mother has realized the true fact and silently praying god to save her child. Thats true motherhood, and theres noone who can be an exception for this. If you closely examine what she prays..i Would bet a fortune on it would be "O God! Why my daughter.if life's what u want..take me..spare my girl"!!