Asthma a noncurable disease?

October 24, 2007 7:51am CST
Hi I have had so many severe attack of asthma, even I have to go to the extension of derefeline injection and asthalin tablets, derefeline tablet etc. Not only that I often goes to Nebulization to the hospital. I have gone to ayurvedic, allopathi, homeopathy, naturopathy even dxn and many more but without any results. I have been suffering for the past 15 years with this. But luckily I found a balanced diet that helps me to stay healthy and make my asthma under control. Now no more injection or bills only very rarely i use my inhealer. Almost i have been in this for 2 years now i feel young and energetic, no more fatigue and never visited the hospital or Dr. for my ailment. Really I must thank the person who introduce me to this. Later I find out that not only ashma, it also control and give good health for the people sufferring from bp, diabetic, knee pain, back pain.. etc.. Anybody want help I am there to contact. visit my site
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