My car at first sight...

October 24, 2007 11:30am CST
Have you ever fell in love with a car? I've been there several times...Honestly, I'm not a car person. I couldn't really identify the make, the brand, the additions, the power, etc...I remember one time when I was living with a friend in LA. We were always going out in her black 4 x 4, which I forgot what brand by now. After about a week of touring southern California in her car, there came a point when she had to ask me to go back to the car while doing her rounds of grocery. I took several rounds in the parking lot and could not find our car. I went back to her after a few minutes and told her I couldn't find any silver car in the parking lot. Then she told me that her car was black. And I had been with her for a week! But there are times when I would fall in love with a car...Like a crush. I get excited when I see one. I think my first love would be the Mercedes Benz Musso. The next one is the Honda CRV, and then finally the Toyota Fortuner. Im not sure if these cars are found anywhere in the world. We're in the third world so I know that most of you have better cars. And don't ask me why i fell in love with them, as I don't know either. It's just that I'm excited when I see and long to have one. Isn't it what falling in love is like? What's your car at first sight?
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@jc00771 (155)
• China
2 Mar 08
Well I agree that many cars have a very shocking design especially their outlook that often give me deep impression in first sight.For me I guess I like the Benz styles espeacially those designed for businessman.Besides the runners such as Lotus and so on are also give you s shock as they are really beautiful with the curving round shell and shining colors. Also the Lincond series are also appeal to me as they are big,long and showing outstanding characteristic finish.These are cars that I may get to love at first sight, hehe