Anyone have problems with the postal service delivering Ebay packages

@venshida (4837)
United States
October 24, 2007 5:40pm CST
I mailed a package to a customer two weeks ago. The tracking shows the post office receive it. I got a nasty email from customer saying she will report me to Ebay because she has not receive her package. I called the post office. The package is magically delivered the next day. Friday and Monday I mailed a package, here it is a couple days later my tracking number does not show it was checked in at the post office. I took both packages to the post office and gave it to the clerk. Anyone have any ideas how I can protect myself? I put in my Ebay listing insurance is optional and I am not responsible for lost packages. My main concern is if the post office is only showing I print the label then it's going to appear as if I did not mail the package. I am calling the post office to complain tomorrow. I thought about using UPS, but I am not sure if they are better. I am desperate for ideas. I don't want any negative ratings.
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
24 Oct 07
yes I just had this problem,I was waiting for something from the next state from me which normally takes 2 days this took a week, I just got it yesterday, this is in Melbourne Australia, I spoke to the people at the PO as i thought this was going to be my first bad experience on Ebay but they said that their parcel delivery has tripled because of Christmas...Christmas already for heavens sake...anyway I got my parcel after a week I hope you get yours ok...
@venshida (4837)
• United States
24 Oct 07
My goodness the Christmas rush already started. I would think it would start next month. Ghee, I was going to mail my Christmas Cards to my friends in London next month, but if the Christmas rush has already started I may have to send them out this week. I just want to have a good Ebay business, and this is the biggest gripe I have right now.
30 Nov 07
Unfortunately as the seller you are responsible for items being delivered and should a buyer not receive their item, they are entitled to a refund and you have to claim from your post office. I always send items by recorded delivery with a tracking number, as PayPal recommendation, and the small extra cost is built into the postal charge.
@ddsully (1064)
• United States
6 Nov 07
i just started selling on ebay and i have been using the post office, and so far so good that i have not had any problems with them, i too, put that i am not responsible for any lost items from the post sorry to hear that had happened to you..I use UPS at work, and they are much more expensive then the post office, i wish you luck