Another one burnt by the online survey "easy money" hook

October 24, 2007 11:32pm CST
I should no better, but I signed up for two "paid" survey sites that ended up being nothing more then lists (a LOT of overlap) of survey sites. Granted, that did same me some time finding them, but I found them by searching "paid surveys online. I've submitted for refunds for both and have received one back already. I knew that the amount promised sounded high, but it seemed like it would be easy (another hint, to not have bitten). I wasn't looking to get rich (although I wouldn't have refused big offers!), just some extra. I spent a lot of time over the last few weeks filling out profiles, expecting to see surveys. I've had a few invites, and either you turn out to not be qualified, or they pay in points which you have to accumulate a lot to make any type of payout. I'm not saying the survey sites I signed up for won't ever pay, if I get sent survey's but it almost seems not worth the effort. One other oberservation, the closer I do get to payout, the slower the invites come, so you almost ever seem to reach payout. Anyone else find that?
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