cell phones afect human beings?????

@c2pvnr89 (102)
October 25, 2007 7:48am CST
Before some time only i got the information "cellphones gives some side effects to human beings".... are you know this is real information or not
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@franziska (411)
• Italy
28 Oct 07
Sometimes newspapers say that cell phones affect human beings, sometimes they say that this is not true. So it's impossible to know the truth about the effects of cell phones on our health! The best thing is to use them moderately.
• Indonesia
26 Oct 07
I think there are a lot of things i cannot measure, not only bad effects but also the advantages. But I learned in my university several days ago, in Technology Concepts, about why we build something. It is about a change. How big is the change it will make. OK, could you please think IF now world without a cell phone??? I think you can imagine it yourself, a very hard time.