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October 25, 2007 12:36pm CST
Except probably for some unwanted fats on my tummy, I’m not pretty much concerned with the way I look. I have black, manageable hair that allows me to go out even without combing my hair. I let it air dry when I ride the jeepney and when I get to where I’m supposed to go, I comb my hair with my fingers or tie it with a bun. now that i have shorter hair, it is much easier. Usually, I don’t look at myself in the mirror before leaving the house, as I put only two things on my face (which is really out of need): baby powder on my face because it’s oily (which I dust sparingly) and petroleum jelly on my lips because it’s so dry. In college though, I started to have pimples and since I don’t take care of my skin, the pimples got big and red with pus in the middle. It didn’t help that our country is very hot and humid and I’ve got oily face. Although a lot of people would tell me not to touch my pimples, I would two fingers to a lump and let it pop (yes, it has a popping sound). The pus would then splatter on the mirror. Gross, yeah, but I liked it, because after I apply some surface medicine, the wound would soon heal and the pimple will be gone. But then, it’s not the only pimple I would have. And I do that everytime I get a new pimple, which is rather liberally. Anyway, eventually these wounds left deep marks on my face. And as I age (okay I’m 32 now), I noticed that my acne scars are getting deeper. When I went to the dermatologist, I was told that the collagen of our skin gets depleted with age, which is why the depressed areas of the skin get deeper. It wasn’t a very nice thought and so I asked her if we could do something about it. She suggested collagen injection, which is every expensive and would have to be done every 6 months to maintain the youthful look. I wouldn’t want to spend PhP14,000 (roughly $280) a year on my face and not earn from it. In my line of work, my face is irrelevant, because I’m as good only as the work I turn in. Any suggestions on what I could do on my face that doesn’t cost a lot? Like homemade treatments? I don’t really intend to regain my 20s look, but at least the scars won’t get any deeper. Please help.
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@aseretdd (13736)
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11 Jan 08
Pimples were no really my problem so i cannot help you in the area... and i also think that PhP 14,000 is to expensive... i wouldn't undergo that sort of injection...but i do envy you because you have a very manageable hair... mine is quite dry... end when it grows a little longer... splits ends will ultimately conquer every strand...