Pls help me solve this problem?

October 26, 2007 9:31am CST
Supposed you want to buy a suit, and it cost you $97, the reason was that because you dont have money to buy it, so you borrowed $50 to your parents and another $50 from your friend, as you have now $100 since its only $97 therefore you have a change of $3 then you return to your parent the $1 and to your Friend the other $1 each, so $50 minus $1 is equal to $49 times two your parent and your friend, so as it will give you $98 plus the $1 remaining change from you then therefore it is only $99 so my question now is that were is the other $1. Does somebody cheats me? Pls help me.
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• United States
26 Oct 07
id respond but due to grammar and spelling problems, I have no clue what you said. This is a common problem amongst mylot users.
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• Philippines
27 Oct 07
Well, surely this place is not for you, if you are a grammatician. I just dont know if you are really great in grammar or spelling. But anyway, hope you will make lots of money with your attitude. Good Luck.
• Canada
29 Jan 08
I dont quite remeber the answer to this but there is a problem in the wording when the question is posed that makes it impossible.