Student drop-out rate and tests , is there a correlation?

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August 12, 2006 7:48pm CST
I am a strong beleiver that the juvenile drop out rate and increase in numbers in the jail system is due to students not being able to pass the content area tests needed befroe graduation, mainly Algebra 1. Has anyone done any research on this.
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@Andy77 (432)
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16 Aug 06
There is a correlation between dropout rates and people in jail. Research seems to show that the main factor for landing in jail is not being able to read. Once a person can read, they can learn content. But, if they can't read, they can't learn and they drop out and sometimes turn to crime to make a living.
@ebberts (786)
• United States
14 Aug 06
It is my understading that Illinois has passed a law that if the child is not eighteen before the school year starts they cannot drop out. There for alot of children do not have the option of droping out. I think part of the problem is with some tearchers, don't get me wrong teaching is a great profession. I couldn't do it but if it is your choosen profession, you should do it well. Some are overworked and I think they get burnt out as you can with any other job. If this is the case I think they should go on to something else. We have had students in our school that have been called stupid. told they wouldn't amount to anything and one little girl that was called the (B) word. One teacher was asked to leave because she hit a child in the head with a book. This is not good behavior and they are not teacher material. praise for something goes along way with a child. What kid wants to go to school and be degraded. My opinion everybody has one, good or bad.
@sedel1027 (17854)
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13 Aug 06
I don't think that one small test can contribute to the drop out rate without other factors being involved. Being in Louisiana - which last time I check was the worst state for education - there are a lot of drop out. The main numbers where I live - New Orleans Metro area - has shown that kids drop out of school due to a lack of family support. If the family is not invovled and is not educated the kids see no reason to do so.